Tuesday, October 6, 2009


My goal of making at least one vegan recipe per week (as opposed to hastily making something up) is going pretty well; last night I made this pasta and it was awesome. Oh who am I kidding? It was a disaster. The recipe calls for you to make the sauce in a blender. Do I have a blender? No. Do I have a hand mixer? Yes. Did I for some reason thing one could be substituted for the other resulting in chopped tomatoes being flung into the far corners of my apartment (full disclosure: this means like four feet in each direction, max), tofu cream cheese in my hair, and my roommates freshly made chicken being knocked to the floor, breaking a plate? Maybe. But I will say this, the pasta was pretty tasty. I made it will farm fresh tomatoes I bought at this random apple festival on a farm in Queens (I know, I'm weird) but next time I'm going to use tomato paste from a can. No hand mixer required.

photo from vegan yum yum, if you think mine looked like that, you're clearly new to this blog

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Jules said...

I did that once. I was sick, and decided to make soup from scratch. (???) I had to puree some of it in the blender (again, ???) but I failed to put the lid on properly, so soup went EVERYWHERE. Me, cabinets, walls, ceiling, floor...everywhere except my DIGESTIVE SYSTEM.

I think I ended up eating some toast.