Monday, September 28, 2009

weekend notes

  • Made my first trek to the Pacific Ave. Target in Brooklyn on Friday. While their homegoods and shampoo selection were noticeably lacking, can I get an "amen!" for $4 prescriptions please?
  • The wireless connection in my building was no longer cutting it so Time Warner put in my new internet and cable this weekend. I tried to refuse the $100 triple play package (digital cable, phone, and internet for $100/mos) but when they tossed in free DVR it was over. You know what else is now over? The likelihood that I will do anything besides watch TV for the next six months.
  • Veganism is going...okay. Tried making this on Friday but it ultimately tasted too yeasty for my liking (I recognize this could have been user error, certainly). Tried eating fish yesterday (barf, will have to get omega-3s elsewhere). Managed to avoid "Pizza Fridays" last week at work (!!!) but am not sure how to reconcile my need for mayo. Eating vegannaise is not an option (too many chemicals, plus it just seems a bit douchey for my taste) so will have to savor minuscule amounts of miracle whip on special occasions.
  • You know what is really fun and awesome to do if you are poor and have unfettered access to Quicken Online? Trying to fit J. Crew cashmere v-necks into you budget. Hours upon hours of fun!

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Andhari said...

I won't be able to resist the temptation of all entertainment package as well, not blaming you. At least for me it saves more money staying in as you watch a lot of your guilty pleasures, right?