Friday, September 25, 2009


You know what I haven't blogged about recently? All the tremendously ugly stuff Urban Outfitters sells, which, hello! is my favorite thing to talk about! On the chopping block today? The following boot trend:

This is one of those looks that all the magazines and all the blogs will try to tell you is "SO HOT RIGHT NOW." Do not listen to them! They are liars! Or well meaning but ultimately hazardous ne'er do wells! Are you Olive Oyl? Are you trying to rid yourself of a Cockney accent with a doctor by the name of Doolittle? Are you an in the midst of an Okie dust storm during the great depression? Are you perhaps in a stage production of "Oliver," for your local theater troupe? Are you a time traveler on your way to the Victorian era? Are you someone who suffers from chilly ankle disease? No? Then move on, nothing to see here.

photos of overpriced, overglorified footwear from here


Jennifer said...

There's all kinds of nonsense that those fashion editors are trying to foist upon us. I can't tolerate it.

Also, I am disappointed in you insofar as you have not yet gotten yourself into any NYC style trouble. Get on that, would ya?

Andhari said...

Loll I can't find anything cute nor fierce about the so called ankle boots.I think they're worth buying if you wanna looklike a farmer with bad taste :p