Wednesday, January 30, 2008

friday night lights

Confession: I love southern college football. Cute boys in constriction tights with swishy preppy hair? Check please. In light of this fact, it is no surprise that I am obsessed with the NBC show "Friday Night Lights." The games! The girls! The accents! The drama! It's almost too much to handle. Even though I attended some southern anomaly of a high school where the football players actually weren't very popular, the show makes me a little sad I didn't go to university somewhere with a big football program (or at least a team that doesn't get its season cancelled for excessive hazing-I mean, really guys, what were you thinking?) because I just really can't get into hockey. Anyways, back to my love for everything FNL: Although I thought I'd killed my love for older men last summer when I interned at a bank and the sight of one of the VPs in the elevator rendered me mute (I'm not exaggerating here, when he asked me questions my responses sounding kind of like I was gargling) but Kyle Chandler playing the coach gets me all over again. I recognize the show isn't exactly groundbreaking (Tyra's date pukes at the winter formal; that's new) but the beautifulness of the cast in combination with the intense sports sequences makes me unable to stop watching and (I kid you not) shed actual real life tears sometimes during intense dramatic moments. Anyways, I zenned out after class this afternoon with last Friday's episode on my computer and thought I'd post a picture of some of my favorite boys in uniform; aren't they lovely?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

design inc.

Alright, here's the thing: I love the show "Design Inc." on HGTV Canada (that's right, HGTVCA). I don't know if it comes on HGTV in the states but if not, I might seriously have to reconsider my relocation plans after graduation. Anyways, tonight when I was sitting on my couch shoving challah and greek salad into my mouth (I know it sounds weird and if you're at all concerned about your waistline do not, under any circumstances, try it) I actually let out a gleeful yelp when I realized it was coming on. I can see where some people would find the main designer, Sarah Richardson, kind of overly perky but I think she's adorable and I'm pretty sure if I were reincarnated as a designer our rooms would look identical. The episode I just watched was the redo of their new office and I have never coveted a room as much in my life. For some reason the pictures on the website are all really dim; I don't know why they would do that because I thought the best part of the whole space was how light it was. Anyways, here's a glimpse:
That's the conference room! How great would it be to have meetings somewhere that inspired such creativity? Seeing as I'll probably end up working in a cubicle in a couple of months, I'm so jealous. Once again, I'm not sure why the pictures make it look so dark but here's a snapshot of the overall office:
I'm going to go light a candle/do a chant/say a prayer that someday I get to work somewhere as fabulous!


Today I was sitting in "An Intro to the Political Economy," trying in vain to figure out if the boy next to me was cute (don't you hate it when they're "side cute" or "back cute" but it's impossible to get a glimpse of their facade?) and also to figure out what the hell my professor was talking about when I realized that he was wearing man uggs (my professor, not the boy next to me).  Yes, you read that correctly; MAN UGGS! How a seventy year old man got a hold of man uggs is beyond me. Now I'm not sure they were real uggs; I couldn't get a glimpse of the back to see the label (apparently today was the day I only got to see one side of everything) but my guess is that they were faux uggs (fuggs).  Faux man uggs? Fmuggs? FMUGGS? 
Have you ever seen a male senior citizen in a suit (with the trousers pulled up to his belly button) with a red bow tie and faux man uggs? It's enough to make you forget you're sitting next to a potentially cute boy and start googling quinoa flake recipes and reading gofugyourself. 

Monday, January 28, 2008

lazy monday

I know you're supposed to spend Sunday lounging and doing nothing and Monday  being really productive but since I spent all of yesterday sleeping, I've decided to push my lounging activities back to today. Also, I think I'm getting sick; my brain is really foggy and as I sit here typing this I'm a little worried that it's not going to make any sense (sorry if it doesn't). Why is it that when you're well and healthy it's possible to either forget the things you need to do or justify not doing them, but when you're sick all you do is compile huge lists of things you should be doing? Yuck. Okay, maybe more postings later once my brain gets back on track. 


I always read on other people's blogs about adorable things they find on Unfortunately, I've never been one of those people that's good at scavenging for things and etsy is no different. After looking at prints for like an hour, the only things I've seen that I even briefly thought were cute were things that would look good in kids rooms, like the little bear print below. 
I know there are more grown up art options on Etsy I just haven't found them yet. Anyways, I'll have to leave it for another day because if I don't get to bed soon I'll pass out on the couch.  Here's hoping for a good week starting tomorrow morning!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

kate spade

Kate Spade has four items of clothing for sale on her website. And one of them is the boring blue shirt pictured below. I mean, it's cute but does it really carry the weight of 25% of her "collection?" 


I. Want. It. The huge curved windows, the lattice white wall on the left, the vintage wallpaper on the right, the giant gold leaf (lamp?), the drink cart, the monogrammed blanket over the chair with the puppy, the printed fabric ottoman, the slate colored sofas, the photo tableau on the windowsill, everything. I know all the design blogs are questioning zebra print; is it dead? Is it still going strong? How much is too much? But regardless, that rug has a tail, which kind of freaks me out but is also kind of awesome. I could actually probably do without the animal sculpture towards the front of the photo but whatever, it's hardly noticeable among all the other awesomeness in the room. 
Why I have always undervalued the New York Times Homes and Gardens section before now? It's so bad ass. While this room is a little too pulled together for my personal tastes, I still love it and want them to invite me over so  I can stretch on one of the grey couches and mull over my day and nurse a drink from the cart. I feel like the guys that live in this room throw really legendary parties where by the end of the night everyone has taken turns pretending to ride the statue at least once. 

Thursday, January 24, 2008

an open letter

Dear American Apparel,
What is up with your aversion to pants (and no, leggings do not count)? I personally love pants. They keep your legs warm, prevent people from seeing that you haven't shaved your legs, and don't reveal any possible cellulite bumps. Plus with the right pocket position, they can make your butt look mind blowing and you can pull the waist band above the muffin top when you're sitting down. I realize they can be difficult to shop for; this is the girl that used to have to special order "extra longs" from the Gap because "Is there a flood coming?" was really hard to hear as a fourteen year old (especially in a land locked state, it was so confusing). It's true that the recent skyrocketing of denim prices has left everyone's brow a little furrowed, but that's no reason to abandon them all together! When I'm online looking at your overpriced cotton t-shirts I want to imagine what they would look like on a real person, not a pantless hipster. I personally plan on wearing the shirts with pants so I'm not really sure what the point of displaying them as dresses is. Maybe like a "this is what your significant other will see when he walks into your kitchen in the middle of the night and you're at the table eating cereal and reading People?" I mean, I guess I can see the point of that but whatever. Put some pants on.
Your concerned viewer,

new policy

I've decided to enact a new policy. Namely, never to blog after midnight. Sorry that the post prior to this one sounds like a whiny fifth grader. Petunia Face's most recent entry says that this past Monday is considered to be the most depressing day of the year but I'm going to go ahead and extend that to the entire week. Anyways, I'm feeling much cheerier today, which is probably due at least in part to the fact that I skipped my 8:30 class this morning, and partly due to the fact that I treated myself to a big donut with sprinkles this morning for lunch (Dear School: thank you for putting a Tim Horton's in the library). I also stopped by one of my Economics professor's office to get my transcript approved for graduation. He noticed I had taken three of his classes even though I'm pretty sure he had no idea who I was (what can I say? I'm a lot quieter in academic situations than you would think). Anyways, this particular professor is what you imagine when you think of the archetypal professor. Lots of collegiate style cardigans, ties, horn rimmed glasses, a perfect side part, around seventy-five years old. Although the advice he gave me for my job search or future studies wasn't earth shattering, it was so grandfatherly that I felt a lot better. Anyways, I hope you all are having a lovely Thursday, and if you're not, may I recommend one of these?


Today I got my first job rejection. It was for a graduate program I knew I wasn't going to get into (you were technically supposed to be British) but it still stung. Especially since they e-mailed me an attachment called "Round Two Interviews," which basically said "You don't get one." That's sort of mean right? I know that job searching is really hard and that I'm going to have to deal with a lot of rejection but it's sort of scary that no one necessarily has to say yes. When I was applying to colleges there wasn't really the chance I wouldn't get in anywhere, it was more like "will I go ivy? will I be happy?" But there's no such thing as a "safety job." I mean, sure I can move back to Kentucky and get a job where I interned but that's not what I want. See that last sentence? That's where the problem is; "that's not what I want." My whole life whenever people have said "What's your biggest fear or phobia?" I would always say "mediocrity" in a tongue-in-cheek way, but it's really true. I'm terrified of being average. When I was a kid it never seemed like a big deal, I could practice more, study harder, and get where I needed to go. But now that I'm just praying for some mid-level job doing anything, everything I've worked for seems like such a joke. Why did I put so much energy into being a well rounded person if I can't even land an entry level job somewhere? Who cares if I can hold a conversation and make jokes; what applicable skills do I have? It's a little frustrating but mostly it's just really scary. 
Sorry this post is really long and dramatic. Tonight I said goodbye to one of our friends who is studying abroad next semester and although for everyone else it was like a "see you in four/six/eight months" for me it was like "um, have a good life?" so I think I'm having a "why do I have to grow up first?" crisis. Graduating early seems like a good idea until you actually have to do it. 
Anyways, I promise to be more lighthearted tomorrow. Everything always seems less scary in the morning.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

sad day

Dear Heath,
You will be missed.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


While reading today during lecture I came across this article about author James Collins (has anyone read his book "Beginner's Greek?" It sounds really good) and the house he and his wife bought in rural Virginia. Given my birthplace it's no surprise that I love a good plantation style home. Theirs was more shaker style than I prefer, (what can I say? like many fine southerners I can't resist a huge veranda) but I'm still really jealous of their 280 acres, the fact that their house has a name (Merriewood), and their rich cultural life (and yes, I recognize how cheesy that is but he writes novels and she writes comedy for television, does it get any better than that?). Anyways, while there is no way I'd put such a huge tacky portrait in my antebellum house, I absolutely love those black and white checkered floors. I want them. I need them. Them and those huge floor to ceiling paned windows. New reason to graduate and get a real job? Those floors.

Monday, January 21, 2008

jean therapy

Sorry for the pun in the title. I couldn't resist. Anyways, this is the story of what happens when you wear your favorite pairs of jeans too much during finals season. Apparently Seven for All Mankind jeans do not wear well in the crotch/butt region, but I keep buying them because they fit my unproportionalness and I'm apparently a shopping masochist. Regardless, during finals season, when I spend upwards of 12 hours a day in the library, I want to be as comfortable as possible. Sweatpants look ridiculous on my lanktastic frame (I am grossly opposed to them being worn in public but during finals I usually give people a little slack) so I spent an entire month in the same two pairs of jeans. The day of my last final I wore one pair and later that night when I went to take them off, realized that a small hole had formed on the leg right where it meets your butt. Great. Figuring I'd just get them fixed when I got back I set out the other pair to wear on the plane the next day and packed a random other pair to wear at home. After going to sleep around 3:30am, I dragged my tired ass out of bed around 5:30 and called a cab to take me to the airport. After waiting in line at United Airlines for almost two hours (one woman was checking people in,for a packed plane to Chicago. I mean, really?) I made it to the plane (after stopping to pick up a GQ and diet coke, of course) and passed out. After changing terminals in Chicago I got on the plane to Lexington and passed out again. I didn't wake up again until the plane touched down in Lexington at which point I realized there was huge hole on the left pant leg of my jeans right where-you guessed it-my leg attached to my rear. How long had this hole been there I wondered. Had I been walking around three airports, in two separate countries,  looking like I shopped at Hollister and was okay with butt high jean holes? Too exhausted to particularly worry about it I shuffled off the plane, met my mom and waited for my luggage. And waited. After each dusty, dented, and scuffed black Samsonite had been picked up and I realized mine was never coming, sheer terror sunk in. I had no clothes to wear until my bag arrived from whatever airport hellhole it was currently trapped in. Which is how I ended up in Macy's the week before Christmas, running on three hours of sleep, bloated from library binge eating for three weeks, trying on jeans. Which is also how I ended up spending $300 on myself during the season of giving. Lovely. Today I finally dropped my jeans off at the tailor to be fixed, but I snapped the following photo as proof of my denim catastrophe. 


My mother is a fabulous photographer. She takes beautiful black and white photographs all over the place, has gallery showings now and then, built her own studio (made a huge trough sink with her bare hands I kid you not), and gives me as many free photos as I want for my apartment. I was going through iPhoto (trying to clear space on my computer; new outlet for my organizational ocd) and stumbled on not only on the contact sheet pictured above but the following picture of me as a small child.
Pretty cute right?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

the power of plaid

Last night my friends wanted to go see one of the guys from Jurassic 5 dj at a club here in Montreal so I tagged along because I a) am a good friend (not such a good hipster but whatever) and b)felt like dancing. After a couple drinks I did something I never do. I struck up random conversation with a boy. Now, before I sound much more suave than I actually am, I should point out that I started said conversation by grabbing his shoulder and demanding to know where he got his shirt. Now, before I sound much more crazy than I actually am, the boy in question was wearing an amazing plaid shirt (and so were his two friends, such a stylish group of young men) and since I like to consider myself a plaid connoisseur, I had to know its provenance. After laughing for a second he proclaimed that he got it at Winner's (Canadian version of TJ Maxx/Marshall's) and that he thought it was Sean John. Sean John! After checking the tag (a plaid connoisseur must always be thorough in her research) I discovered it was in fact from Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Diddy's line of clothing. Who knew that the self described king of r&b had such good taste in plaid? Anyways, the boy was cute but the waspy girl in me knew to smile and walk away after our chat (or dissolve into laughter, grab her best friend, and run). But take a look at the plaid below and try and tell me that you wouldn't do the same:


Kids Got Hitched inspired me to actually cook dinner (and use up those vegetables that I tell myself I like when I'm in the grocery store) tonight and not order take out. Although I love to bake (brownies, pies, cakes, whatever) I find cooking, which isn't as defined with strict measurements and procedures, to be a little more difficult. And while her dinner looked beautiful, mine turned out to be Anyways, here's my starving college student version:
1. Boil a random amount of whole
 wheat bowtie pasta (chosen because it is on sale, a cute shape, and, arguably, healthy).

2. Peel a sweet potato, cut it into cubes and boil it because you don't have any regular potatoes and are curious as to whether you can make mashed potatoes with yams. 

3. Cut up a red bell pepper and saute it.

4. Drain pasta and pour some cheap Classico "Alfredo with Sun Dried Tomatoes" sauce over it. Add sauteed bell peppers because they are delicious and go with everything no matter what.

5. Arbitrarily decide that sweet potatoes are done cooking. Drain them, add some milk and butter and hand mash (not because you don't own a hand mixer but because the beaters are in the dish washer-no way you're hand washing those-and you're curious as to how to use the hand mashers your mother gave you). Realize that you think you need to add some sort of spice, which poses a problem because although you have several, you don't know which go with sweet potatoes. Add salt because it seems harmless.

6. Put some organic salad from the grocery store (for which you paid like $6 for because grocery stores in downtown Montreal are ridiculous) on a plate. Add thinly sliced cucumbers and drizzle with overpriced ranch dressing which you scoured the city for (Canadians do not like ranch dressing). 

7. Pretend you enjoy pasta al dente because you accidentally undercooked it (you're horrible at gaging whether or not pasta is cooked). 

8. Eat and enjoy!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


So, after having a really lazy day, my roommate, our friend, and I started discussing weddings. Why? I don't know, our minds wander. Anyways, in attempting to find a chintz/floral/nanette lepore fabric to illustrate a point I was making about the potential of non-solid color bridesmaid dresses I stumbled on Harts Fabric and it sort of made me want to sew something. How cute is that pattern? They have a lot of non-traditional more graphic patterns as well. If I had any need to make pillows/a tablecloth I'd be all over it. 

embarrassing fact #2

So, last night my roommate and I drunkenly declared that the next day (today) we were going to do so many things. We were going to drop off clothes that need mending at our [amazing] seamstress/dry cleaner/key maker, go to the gym, run errands, and I was going to work on some job applications. You know what we've actually done? Watched approximately four hours of television. We started out with a dvd of the first season of The Apprentice (side note: we finally bought a DVD player yesterday, and the joy over not having to watch movies on our laptops caused us to go a little overboard in the video rental store), then moved on to What Not to Wear, and finally settled on TLC's Miss America Reality Check. My love for that show is a little unnerving. I spent about 40% of the time attempting to locate Miss Kentucky (who, unfortunately, is really boring and never gets confessional air time), and the other 60% giggling with glee about how unfortunate Miss Indiana's homemade evening gown was made (in her own words, she has studied fashion design for "just under a year").
  Anyways, sorry that there are no actual interesting posts today; my brain is currently occupied with SUPERMARKET SWEEP, which just came on "Game TV." Oh my god, I absolutely loved Super Market Sweep when I was somewhere between the ages of 5 and 10. I apparently found the idea of running through the grocery store grabbing things off the shelves to be absolutely magical. I mean, how could you not love this:
Okay, now that I've hit rock bottom and announced my childhood love of Supermarket Sweep to the entire world it's time to put my laundry in the dryer and order takeout. I'm pretty sure when Fergie sang about living the glamorous life she was talking about this girl. 

Friday, January 18, 2008

working girl

For Christmas my dad got me a beautiful (and pricey) handmade leather briefcase/laptop bag from Italy to use for job interviewing and (hopefully) job working. Unfortunately the combination of the burgundy color and "sensible tote bag straps" made it scream "stylish woman in the work place!" I couldn't help but envision clunky scuffed pumps and ill fitting striped oxfords under polyester suits (I know, I'm crazy). Anyways, I sent an e-mail to the fabulously chic writer of Coco+Kelly begging for help and today she obliged me with an entire post full of suggestions! While I loved the Schambra bag, (and that slouchy Prada; oh my god) at 650 Euros it is a little out of my price range (and by a little, I clearly mean, a lot). This black, leather, Lodis Verona bag, however is borderline perfect.
I'm not a huge fan of the fact that you can't hide the tiny handles when using the should strap but whatever, it's so shiny! Plus at under $300, I can actually afford to buy it (kind of). Anyways, I'm thinking about ordering it, any opinions?
P.S. Thank you again Cassandra for taking the time to look at bags for me, I really appreciate it!

you make me wanna

The Fug Girls recently posted about Ashlee Simpson and were unsure whether she was fug or fab. I'm going to go a ahead and give the girl two thumbs up. 
I mean, she looks a little new. Like she's meeting her boyfriend's upper east side mother for the first time when she normally wears chucks and jeans to her coffee house job in Brooklyn. But whatever, that clutch and coat are, to quote Ms. Tyra Banks, fierce as hell. And I would like to take a moment to remind everyone that this is the same girl that brought us the lyrics "You make me wanna la la, in the kitchen on the floor," and also, "I'm like an alley cat, drink the milk up I want more." She also used to date that boy with the very tall, spiky hair, Ryan-boy-band-something, very publicly on "The Ashlee Simpson Show," which was a lot like that crack in that I would watch her go to Medieval Times (because it was so ironic, duh.) for half an hour and then inexplicably want more, even though I knew it was bad for me. That, in combination with the fact that she's Jessica Simpson's little sister, makes me glad that she was able to even put on this outfit without a)dying everything black because she can't remember if she's still supposed to be punk or not or b)wrangling herself into something super trashy because "DAMMIT! She's the hotter sister NOW!"

Thursday, January 17, 2008

job searching (and why it's ruining my life)

Recently it has become necessary for me to recognize my looming graduation date and begin searching for jobs. I made the requisite visits to our school's career center and now have a shining resume (which I think makes me sound like a douchebag but my career advisor insists that it doesn't), an array of cover letters that can be manipulated to apply to different corporations, and even little business cards with my name, university, and the fact that, come this May, I will bear a BA in Economics. Now, because I'm a little loathe to return to America at the moment (for clarification: this is not an America-bashing post. I happen to love America, unfortunately the sharp devaluation of the dollar is making it a little unappealing at the moment. Also, my drastic singledom and unlikeliness of having a baby in the near future makes this a good time to be an ex-pat) I'm looking for a job overseas, preferably in the United Kingdom, preferably in Scotland (future post regarding my love for anything tartan plaid to come), preferably in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, it's really hard to look for jobs somewhere where you don't currently live. Especially in a place that requires the company fill out your paperwork to get you a visa (you can't get one in advance). My career advisor, Jan, is very optimistic about my job potential. Me? Not so much. "Hi, my name's Hannah and after three years of university, and at the ripe age of twenty, I would like to be in charge of something at your place of business." A bit of a stretch right? Anyways, during my lunch break at school I'm perusing job postings on and coming up with nothing. Except of, course with the extreme desire to punch this little guy:
P.S. Sorry this post was a little rage-filled, this what becoming a grown-up does to me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

you slay me

Oh J. Crew. As soon as I finish paying off my credit card bill from the last time I went crazy in your comfy, well lit, nautical themed store, you add 20% off final sale items. You have to know how much this kills me. Cashmere sweaters for $80? Adorable/totally unnecessary ballet flats for $40? The windsor blue plaid strapless dress that I have been coveting since THE SUMMER almost 50% off? Just kill me now. 
$250 for this is so good; WHY oh WHY did I buy textbooks last week? To think for the price of one and a half "Public Finance, Public Policy" books I could be swathed in your lightweight Italian yarn-dyed silk goodness for all of eternity. When something you really want goes on sale for a reasonable price but you have just spent that money on a) stupid textbooks and b)food that will only make it more difficult for you to look fabulous in said item, it's just so much worse. So, here's looking at you fitted bodice with boning, full skirt with shirring and inverted pleats, and hidden side seam pockets (which I love!). There's always next season...

an open letter

Dear 45+ Year Old Men at the Gym;
First of all, it's a little unnerving that you choose to work out at the university's athletic center alongside co-eds, but I understand that it's cheaper if you're an alum/prof/whatever. Having said this, it is completely unnecessary to wear shorts that do not pass the "fingertip test;" that delightful relic of high school dress codes whereby a person's bottoms (skirt, shorts, dress, what-have-you) must be longer than their fingertips when their arms hang loosely by their sides (and not with their shoulders pulled as close to the neck as possible, which I so often tried to pull). I recognize that back in your heyday such teensy tiny shorts were du rigour in athletic settings (I've seen old NCAA basketball footage) but you are no longer doing anything so vigorous that you need to be able to move your legs back and forth at the speed of light and could thus be cumbered by an addition six inches or so of fabric. I know this because I see you pacing back and forth in the weights section in your hiking boots (hiking boots! at the gym!) casually doing a bench press or two while I am flailing madly on the treadmill trying to pretend that the hyper music on my ipod is at all inspiring my body to move at the same tempo. I've already had a couple close calls with running off the side of treadmill, which causes your sneakers to squeak really loudly when you realize you're about to fall off (and thus causing everyone in the vicinity to turn around to see what loser can't operate a treadmill). So please, don't distract me further with such horrifying short shorts; this isn't a Nair ad.

Thanks so much for your cooperation, it is much appreciated.
Sincerely Yours,

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

flush, i mean, full house, i mean, what?

So even though earlier today I had a horrible migraine, I braved the cold and went to a friend's for "girl's poker night." So fabulous. Unfortunately, instead of chips we used candy and so now I have the biggest sugar buzz ever, which means I shall never sleep and will probably end up watching all of last season's "The Hills" instead of doing anything respectable. Anyways, although I'm normally against any post-feminist girl power inspired insignia, I highly recommend the "Badass Girl's Poker Party" set, which had cheat sheets of card combos on coasters (for mingling a little business with pleasure, if you will).

chicken noodle soup

Ugh. For some reason this morning I woke up with a headache and the room spinning. Although I did drag my useless self to my 8:30 class, I then went home and literally passed out until around 2 in the afternoon. Classy, right? Now I'm sitting in some pointless econ class (whether all econ classes are useless is up for debate) that I'm taking as an elective and I kid you not my professor is wearing a red bow tie. This class, apparently not serious enough to be in the Arts building alongside more advanced econ classes, is in the Department of Religious Studies' building, where you're asked to take your shoes off when you enter the building. So here I am with my little argyle feet sticking out, trying  not to fall asleep. Anyways, I'll try to post more interesting things later but I make no guarantees since it's possible I'll just go home and-oh my god some girl just had an outburst in class about how stupid she thought the speech my professor was reading; it was a legitimate rage fit. Okay, too much economic excitement for me, I'm clearly skipping my next class and taking another nap.

Monday, January 14, 2008

embarrassing fact #1

Okay, so maybe I have an account at, a wedding guide website, even though I'm no where close to getting married (all potential boyfriends please ignore this post). What can I say? When I get really bored there's nothing better than looking at slideshows of really happy, rich people's weddings. Besides, a friend of mine already has a faux-account on and that's way worse. Anyways, that is how I stumbled upon this photo:
If I ever get married I want that exact bouquet. Peonies are my absolute favorite flower (okay future boyfriends, you can read this part), and since I've always wanted to get married outside (as if any church would want to preside over my nuptials) I think this bouquet would be perfect. Now if you'll excuse me while I go unwrap a strawberry pop-tart and plug in the electric blanket, I have a season's worth of "Arrested Development" to watch. 

bathing costume

Okay, I don't know why I was looking at bathing suits online in the middle of January. Not like I'm going to be swimming here in Montreal any time soon. Anyways, when I look at this bathing suit I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry:
WHAT IS THIS? I mean, I know Juicy Couture is for crazy-skinny-flirty-girls in Southern California, but still. Sitting in my freezing apartment with four inches of snow on the ground and holiday-binge-eating threatening to shut down my arteries, I can't for the life of me imagine what all those ruffles would do to my midsection. Can you imagine the awful squiggly line tan line? Plus, considering this was technically designed for swimming, I'm thinking one intense wave would cause this tiered confection to plummet to the bottom. 

Bathing suit available at Neiman Marcus. And it should be noted that I really like the smock dress cover up they're selling with it. 

Sunday, January 13, 2008

james mcavoy

I love GQ magazine. I mean, I know I'm a girl and that the "G" in "GQ" stands for "gentleman," but whatever, it's a great magazine (and the articles are way more interesting than those in girlie mags). Their December issue not only had Kanye on the cover (whose concert I saw in October, AMAZING), but a fashion feature with James McAvoy, whom I love love love. He's becoming much more popular now due to "Atonement," but he is the most sexy in "Becoming Jane." I have absolutely no will power against a man in pantaloons (Pride and Prejudice? dear god.) and DEFINITELY no willpower against a Scotsman so I guess what I'm trying to say is, James McAvoy, if you ever find yourself without a date just, you know, give me a call.  p.s. The photo below is currently my desktop background. Pathetic? Absolutely not.

when i grow up

Even though I'm graduating in six months and it's pretty obvious I'm not going to be swimming in cash, I am constantly thinking of chic fabulous things I want to own "when I grow up." Case in point: this Anthropologie couch and chair. I'm thinking adorable historic apt. with dark wood floors and this couch flanked by two of the chairs. Unfortunately this pile of textbooks that I'm stretching my arms over in order to type is a)uncomfortable and b)telling me to stop looking at furniture and go back to reading. p.s. anthro furniture available here and here.


I'm normally not a big fan of discussing such wishy-washy things as morality, but this morning's NY Times Sunday Magazine has a really good article on it. It focuses on the scientific/psychology aspects of morality; which part of the brain controls it, where a person's sense of morality comes from, etc. Anyways, pretty interesting stuff.
Check it out here.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

double space issues

Okay I'm having huge double space issues. I prefer this template, but can not for the life of me figure out why it makes every paragraph after the first one single spaced? apparently I can html-edit this problem away but um...not so good with the html writing.

video look book

Fact: I am obsessed with New York Magazine. Now, I have never lived in New York, nor have I ever been one of those people that are just dying to move there and live a glamourous life. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like NY and can see why someone would want to move there, but as a southern girl born and raised so many yankees on one tiny island kind of freaks me out. However, I love love love New York Magazine, especially the Look Book and its new addition, the Video Look Book. I love all the hipsters and their ridiculous outfits, the middle aged men in bespoke suits and the crazy matrons in huge furs. However, this woman I found obnoxious:

"It's an Hermes Birkin bag. I have a couple of them." I mean WHO says that? The whole point of being uber rich is to pretend that you're not that and that it is perfectly reasonable that you own not one, but several, purses that cost as much as a condo in Wichita. So gauche, so gauche.


Okay so I'm not going to pretend to be one of those girls that goes to sports bars with their boyfriends (my hypothetical boyfriend, obviously) and wears football jerseys, etc. but whenever the University of Kentucky Wildcats are playing I suddenly morph into this beer drinking, screaming at the tv, sports fan. So when I got home today and realized UK was playing Vandy in basketball AND I got it on my Canadian cable I was pretty excited. After TWO overtimes (and approximately one million obscenities screamed at the top of my lungs while alone in my apartment, cool I know)we finally pulled ahead, making this our first big win of the season. HURRAY! now back to discussing glitzy, glamorous things...

Friday, January 11, 2008


So apparently, the hipsters hate "Juno." This according to one of my guy friends who is a hipster, not a wide poll on the hipsters at large. He described it as "shopping in Urban Outfitters," which I'm pretty sure is one of those analogies that people get really proud of (understandable, it's a good analogy) and then use as an excuse to bring up the topic. Anyways, I loved it. The music was good, Ellen Page was extremely hip and Michael Cera, well, Michael Cera was the most adorable thing I have ever seen.  I LOVE the show Arrested Development (and cry daily that it was cancelled) and laughed like a 7th grade boy at "Superbad" so I would probably pay $7.50 to see Michael Cera make coffee but seeing him in a headband and knee high socks was priceless. 
I would also like to point out that I happen to own that very same pair of American Apparel socks that he wears in the film (available here). I'm normally not a fan of Am. App. ($28 for a v neck tank top? shiny gold leggings? not for me) but for one Halloween party this year my friend and I went as red and yellow m&ms, replete with knee high socks, and the stripe color in those were perfect for my outfit (which I unfortunately was too drunk to take a good picture of). Anyways, I totally recommend this movie because it is, as Juno says, totally boss. 

necessary luxuries?

j. crew, my absolute favorite store for waspy staples has recently gotten too big for its britches and has attempted to become a high end luxury store. I don't know about you but my j. crew at home (we unfortunately don't get them up in Canada) is in a mall. Next to, I believe, the eddie bauer store and yankee candle (?) and definitely across the mall aisle from the limited too. So i'm not entirely sure who they are trying to fool with their $595 "t-shirt dress." I mean, I get that it's covered it sequins, but it used to be that you could buy a whole lot of khakis and flannel shirts for that amount so i'm more than a little bewildered.

I'm also a little confused as to the category their website has called "necessary luxuries." I mean, as preps, isn't nearly everything we buy a necessary luxury? Pearl earrings, necessary for all sorts of "lunching" one might have to do, but definitely a luxury, correct? You can't really eat pearls for dinner if you find yourself in a bit of bad luck, now can you? Anyways, the things in the "necessary luxuries" category are pretty tame; leather bound journals, cosmetics cases, etc. But I did enjoy the $25 key ring (thank god they didn't go all Coach and call it a key fob). Apparently a purple enamel umbrella charm is now a luxury?

Now, I get the need to have cute keys. I myself have a horse-bit style leather tag with a brass plate with my name on it. But mostly I focus on having keys altogether (preferably the kind that you find easily). This comes after my third day at university when i drunkenly left my key ring at the pre-party for freshman orientation (reminder, the drinking age here is 18), only to return to my dorm sans keys, beg the doorman to let me in, throw the contents of my purse across my room hoping they were in there and then pass out face down on my bed. The next morning i dragged my embarrassed and hungover self to the orientation leader's apartment and requested my keys, much to his senior roommates' amusement. As a result, my keys are kept firmly attached to the wristlet (i know, i know, i just bashed Coach and admit to owning some of their stuff) i use as a wallet. Although it just now struck me that if i lose one i will lose the other...


hello blogging world! for several months now i've been reading blogs like crazy and finally decided that my new years resolution would be to start my own. the title comes from two places. first, when i was fourteen my life goal was to start my own record label (weird dream for a teenage girl i know) and i decided that the name of that label would "strapless records," with the tongue in cheek tagline of "no strings attached." since "" was already taken (in a somewhat creepy what i might add) i needed a second word but didn't want to label it with my current hometown, montreal, or my actual hometown in the southern united states since i'm not entirely sure where i'm heading next. so, with a nod to my guilty (and completely age and life status inappropriate) pleasure "Southern Living." i've titled this whatever-it-is  "Strapless Living."

as a completely non-serious person (most of the time) i don't want to get too heartfelt here in my first post but i guess i'm also hoping that this title with become a self fulfilling prophecy. about to graduate university, i'm a little nervous i'll get too caught up in trying to be perfect (i.e. land the perfect job, perfect future husband, etc.). so while this blog will be a sounding board for all sorts of things: anecdotes about the ridiculous things that happen to me on a typical day (i've been blessed with hysterically bad luck), things i like and dislike, material possessions i'm currently coveting, etc. i'm also hoping for it to be an outlet to let out steam, etc. anyways, hope all you future readers enjoy it.

no strings attached,